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A comment on an Aquatic Apes YouTube video once described him as,

“A cruel, comedic fisherman.”

That pretty much sums it up 😂


Evan is a West Australian water addict, who’s obsession began when he dove with a humpback and its calf on the Ningaloo coast at 13 years of age. After discovering freediving in Dahab, Egypt Evan moved to Koh Tao Thailand where he lived for 2 years, becoming the youngest ever SSI level 3 instructor at the time.

During this time, Evan taught none other than Lenny Logsdail, the man behind the Aquatic Apes YouTube channel and a friendship formed. After returning to Australia, Evan became obsessed with spearfishing, constantly traveling to Indonesia to meet with Lenny and hunt fish all around the archipelago.

Now, after nearly a decade in the industry, Evan has settled in Bali where he aims to share his love of spearfishing and freediving.

Evan is fluent in Indonesian and prides himself on his calm, fun loving persona helping all who dive with him to feel confident and comfortable so they can reach new depths or land the fish of a lifetime.


Born in Bali, Kadir’s father is a fisherman. His grandfather was a fisherman. And his uncles are fishermen. But instead of traditional fishing like everyone else in his family, Kadir has spent his entire life spearfishing. And today, he’s one of the most skilled underwater hunters on the island.

Kadir makes his living spearfishing commercially. And because you only get half price for a fish at the market if there’s a spear-wound through the filet, Kadir’s aim is deadly accurate. So are his spearguns, which he makes himself.

Despite being a commercial spearo, he often passes up on opportunities to spear really big fish because, “he wants big fish like that to be around for his kids to see when they grow up.”

On the rare occasion that he’s not spearfishing, he’s either teaching the local kids in his community how to freedive & spearfish, or hanging out with his newborn baby son, named Sumadera. Translated to English, “Sumadera” means “Ocean.”


A Los Angeles newspaper once wrote this line about Fred Astair & his dancing partner, Ginger Rogers:

“Sure he was great, but don’t forget that Ginger Rogers did everything he did…backwards and in high heels.”

Dieter is the man behind the camera in most of our videos. He does everything that we do in the water….while swimming backwards & looking through the tiny viewfinder of an underwater housing.

Filming spearfishing is especially difficult because it doesn’t only require camera skills. Nor does it only require freediving skills. It’s only possible to do it well if you’re good with a camera, good at freediving, and good at spearfishing. Because otherwise, you’ll scare the fish & there won’t be any action to film.

In addition to being an avid spearo & talented underwater photographer, Dieter is able to freedive 72 meters deep, on a single breath of air.

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